La Casa Del Habano


The Casa del Habano is a franchise business of Corporación Habanos S.A in Cuba. Together the Casas form a network of specialist shops. Currently there are 135 of these specialists in around 50 countries. The Casas sell exclusively products of Habanos S.A.. Besides cigars this includes also cigarillos and luxurious accessories. The first Casa in the world was opened in Cancun, Mexico in 1990.


The Casas guarantee the aficionados not only the authenticity of the products which are stored under perfect conditions, but also offer a complete range of the available Habanos brands and vitolas. The Casas obtain these products from the official importer of the respective country (except from Cuba where the Casas are directly supplied by Habanos S.A.).


The Casas not only provide the perfect location for the sale of Habanos products, they also offer certain specialities and rarities which are not available anywhere else. Also they are the first place to sell new products. Expert staff navigate the aficionados through the world of Habanos, starting with the right choice and up to detailed information about the origins of these « jewels »

In Switzerland there are five Casas del Habano: in Basel, Zürich, Lugano, St. Gallen and Nyon.

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